Thursday, 20 November 2014


Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd share with you a quick outfit of the day featuring one of my new  jumpers and my current favourite lipstick/hair look. I'm sorry about the bad lighting and the miserable face - I have to close all my curtains when I'm taking photos at uni because I live on the ground floor and so if I don't close the curtains everyone walking past can have a good peer at me taking selfies! I'm going to try to work on getting better photos in this room. 
I've fallen back in love with my Kate Moss lipstick in 04 recently - it's a deep purple which is perfect for A/W and despite feeling a bit self conscious wearing it I've received quite a few compliments on it since deciding to bring it back out again. I've been trying to do more things with my hair recently, too. I usually just leave it hanging like a dead thing but since it's grown out a bit more (I had it all cut off just before summer) I've been experimenting with low ponytails, plaits and a more slicked back Chanel Elvis Presley inspired look. 
Because winter has finally arrived I decided to get my favourite winter fabric back out today in the form of my black velvet skirt from Forever 21. I've had this piece for ages and it's just great for layering and adding another simple yet interesting element to an outfit. I've paired it here with an equally colourful polo neck crop jumper from Missguided which was featured in my latest haul, and my ridiculously old ankle boots from Topshop. I forgot to take photos of this with my leather jacket and tartan scarf which I'd put with this look when out and about.

What did you wear today?
Elly xxx

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  1. Loving the hair and make up combo bbe! xx

  2. Love how gothic this look is with the lipstick, your jumper is lovely!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. Love this outfit! I'll be in england next month so I'm definitely trying to think up some outfit ideas!!

    Georgia |

    1. thanks! yeah it's pretty cold so it'll be something to think about :') xx


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