Sunday, 7 September 2014


Hello everyone! As it's been getting swiftly colder (the leaves are already starting to turn brown!) my thoughts have turned to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I love summer, don't get me wrong, but it will be nice to be able to start layering up and wearing chunky boots and tights again. Seeing as my beloved pair of heeled Chelsea boots gave up the ghost a long time ago (I'm still wearing them despite the sole being snapped in half), I've been thinking that it's probably time to invest in a new pair of heeled boots for Autumn/Winter. I've had a quick browse online and chosen some of my favourites to share with you:

1. Cheap Monday Layer Peep Toe in Black Leather - OFFICE (£120 £60)
2. ASOS ESTATE Ankle Boots - ASOS (£60)
3. River Island Unit Chelsea Ankle Boots - ASOS (£40)
4. Out From Under Princess Pony Point Boots in Black - URBAN OUTFITTERS (£85.00)
5. PAULEE SNAKE PRINT ANKLE BOOTS - missguided (£34.99)
6. River Island Chunky Zip Front Ankle Boots - ASOS (£40)

Which boots do you think I should invest in?
Elly xxx

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  1. No 5 has to be my favorite, so gorgeous.

    1. I love how simple they are, I want them all! xx

  2. seriously want 2 but they're so high #probz


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