Thursday, 21 August 2014


A few weeks ago I found myself in that infuriating situation that I'm sure we've all been in whilst shopping on ASOS. You've been looking innocently in the "shirts and blouses" section, but whilst doing so have found some shoes you really, really like. They're on the model, but they're nowhere to be seen. You look through every pair of shoes on the site, use all the keywords in your power, God, you even tweet the company begging for a URL. All to no avail. You give up. A few weeks pass, your grief fades slightly. You're getting over the loss. Then, all of a sudden, you spot them. They're on another model, but this time they're in the "Shop the Look" section. And what's more, they're on sale! But in the interim you've spent hundreds of pounds on other things. Things that will never live up to the beauty of these shoes. But now you can no longer afford them. It's too late to send those things you've bought back. You rush to your wardrobe, only to realise you've already sold your soul on Ebay. The world is a dark, cruel place. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I feel about these Cheap Monday peep toe boots.

If anyone fancies buying these for me I'm a size 5/6. Thanks in advance,
Elly xxx

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