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Hi everyone! Seeing as it's summer time and I'm soon to be heading off inter railing in Eastern Europe (SOS), I thought I'd put together a wishlist of some of the things I'd like to (in an ideal, much more glamorous world) take with me on my travels. I'm heading off in August to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam, so if anyone has any suggestions of where to visit, please let me know.

1. Band of Gypsies Split Maxi Skirt in Boarder Print - ASOS (£34.00)
I am obsessed with Band of Gypsies! They're a brand I found on ASOS a few months ago (they also stock at Topshop and Urban Outfitters), and all their pieces are so bohemian and perfect for travelling. There's not a single thing in their collection that I don't like, and it was hard not to include solely Band of Gypsies in this post. I love this skirt not only because of the pattern, but because of the slits at the front, which I feel create an even more youthful and carefree look.

2. Folk Print Wide Leg Trousers - Topshop (£40.00)
I'm really loving the look of wide leg trousers at the moment, but as of yet I've been too scared to wear them! Topshop have two pairs in at the moment, both in amazing bohemian prints. I'd imagine they'd be super comfortable as well as being quite airy, and so would be perfect for travelling, as well as making a statement at the same time.

3. Mirror Embellished Beach Shorts - ASOS (£18.00)
These shorts are a cooler, less intimidating equivalent to the trousers. Again, they feature an amazing folk/bohemian inspired print, but are a lot more wearable. I love the shape of running shorts at the moment too, so this pair combine my two favourite trends perfectly. The amount of colours featured in these shorts mean they'd be easily paired with just about anything, too. 

4. You Are Here - A Mindful Travel Journal - Amazon (£9.19)
Originally I was thinking of bringing a plain Moleskine journal travelling with me, as I really wanted to document my travels this year. However, whilst I was looking for suitable journals, I found this really interesting one by Emma Clarke. It has a lot of thoughtful prompts on each page as to what you should write or draw, as well as giving you tips on how to get the most out of your trip. It's kind of a more toned down version of Wreck this Journal. 

5. Crinkle Bardot Bandeau Top - Topshop (£22.00)
When going abroad you can't beat a white top to keep you cool. This one is off the shoulder, too, so it's both on trend and perfect for hot weather. The layered element of this top works well with the bohemian theme that seems to be running through this wishlist, also! An added bonus is that it will go with just about anything, meaning that you can travel light. 

6. Kodak Fun Flash Disposable Camera - Amazon (Pack of 2) (£15.75)
Call me old fashioned (or a wannabe hipster, let's not go there), but you just can't beat film photography. I love having the images developed and being able to hold them in my hands. There's also the suspense of not knowing what on earth is going to be developed, too! I feel that with film photography you can capture the moment a lot more successfully (no trout pout ridden selfies over here.). What's more, it's a lot safer if you're travelling and don't feel secure bringing an expensive camera.

7. Band of Gypsies Crochet Swing Dress with Cold Shoulder - ASOS (£42.00)
Band of Gypsies again! I've wanted a dress like this for months now, and was so excited to find one that was actually in stock. This would be perfect for travelling as it's really versatile. I can imagine wearing this both casually for travelling and sightseeing during the day, but also for a meal and drinks in the evening. Once again, this would help you travel light. 

8. Ivona Black Fringed Faux Suede Jacket - Missguided (£29.99)
I have wanted to blog about this jacket for ages! Every time I go onto the Missguided website I am drawn to it. I love fringing detail, whether  it be on bags, kimonos or jackets, and I think this jackets works really well with the theme I'm trying to put across in this wishlist. Because it's black it will go with everything, and is a stylish way to cover up on colder days. This wouldn't look out of place at a festival either. 

Where are you going on holiday this year? 
Elly xxx

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