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This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend T in the Park festival for its last year at Balado air field, Scotland. I had the most amazing weekend camping with my friends, seeing my favourite artists and discovering new music. Despite the unpredictable weather (Scotand really is the only place you could get heatstroke one day then have a flooded tent and a brush with pneumonia the next!) I had a great time, and thought it only right that I share with you both my musical and style highlights of the weekend.

1) Arctic Monkeys
Laugh if you will, but I'm not ashamed so say that I shed a few tears when I saw Alex Turner's face in real life for the first time (only God can judge me.). I've wanted to see this band play for as long as I can remember, and they did not disappoint at all. It felt so surreal being part of the crowd - I literally could not believe what I was seeing. The set went by so quickly, but I can't think of a better way to have ended the weekend. Apparently Alex Turner's new look is a bit of a controversial one, but I personally love it. He couldn't have kept the skinny indie kid look forever! Although it could be said it's borderline Elvis, I love his new hair, and his outfit on Sunday night was perfect - an amazing leather jacket paired with the strongest shoe game I've seen in ages. I think I might be in love.

2) Paolo Nutini
I've been obsessed with Paolo Nutini's new album recently, and so I couldn't pass up seeing him live. His voice is incredible, and the highlight for me had to be when he performed "Iron Sky", my favourite song from his new album. His outfit was so effortlessly cool yet well put together - you literally can't go wrong with slightly worn denim and leather, especially with his slightly scruffy hair and stubble. He is a perfect example of how I think most men should dress (take hint, world).

3) Biffy Clyro
My love for Simon Neil knows no bounds, and the fact he came out on Friday night wearing nothing but a pair of floral jeggings pretty much says it all. This was my third time seeing Biffy live (I saw them at Reading last year, and at the Roundhouse in 2012), and they blew me away just as much as they did the first time. The pyrotechnics were incredible, probably the most I've ever seen at a festival, and the entire experience was just mind blowing. I personally love Simon's scruffy rock star look, although I know it can be a bit much for some people. I think he pulls it off really well, and, unlike a lot of people, he really suits his tattoos. Biffy are just such an honest band and their performances never get old for me.

4) Haim
Despite the fact that they didn't play my favourite song from their album ("My Song 5"), the sisters' performance was great and really empowering. They're a great example of a girl band who break the norms of what a girl band "should" be, and I love their album so much. It's just so sassy and different to a lot of stuff that's out at the moment. I love how effortless Danielle Haim looked in her denim shorts and white tee - this band are such a style inspiration for me!

5) Charli XCX
 I'd like to just take a moment for my new found girl crush, Charli XCX (I'll be doing a get the look post in a few weeks time!). I've only really listened to her music for a month or so, but I thought I'd check her out as one of my friends is a major fan (and I was hoping she'd do Fancy!). The first thing I noticed was her amazing outfit - a baby pink slip dress, bare feet and red lips. It was so 90s inspired and I loved it! It was hard not to notice that she wasn't wearing a bra either, but I think she really rocked the look and that more girls should feel comfortable doing the same. She had such a carefree attitude and stage presence that me and my friends all came away totally in love with her.

6) Newton Faulker
More of a music than a style inspiration (although I do think his look is amazing), Newton Faulkner really blew me away on Sunday. He opened the main stage with his acoustic set, and I have never been so in awe of a musician in my life! His cover of Teardrop by Massive Attack was a huge highlight for me. I'd never really listened to him before, but I will definitely be downloading his albums soon. He seems like such a nice guy, and is so talented. Check out some of his live performances on YouTube if you haven't already - and prepare to be amazed!

7) Catfish and the Bottlemen
I felt really happy for these guys when they got a great reception at the T Break stage on Sunday. They're an emerging indie rock band and I love their music, my favourite song of theirs being "Fallout". They seem really genuine and are so deserving of all the success they're getting.

8) Chvrches
I've been meaning to see this band for the longest time, and was so happy I got the chance to this weekend. Their set was amazing, and because they performed in a tent instead of on a main stage, the gig seemed a lot more intimate and almost as if you were at their tour. They played their full album, and I loved the lighting effects and the atmosphere in the tent. Frontwoman Lauren Mayberry looked beautiful as ever, and I loved her monochrome outfit and quirky hairstyle.

I'm so sad it's over! Are you off to any festivals this year?
Elly xxx

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