Thursday, 31 July 2014


A couple of nights ago my friend Andy told me that he wanted to invest in some new pieces for this autumn winter, but didn't really know where to start. Obviously I was more than happy to help (looking at clothes for other people stops me from spending money on myself!). I hadn't really ever shopped for menswear before, so we decided on ASOS for our starting point, because they stock a wide variety of brands and styles at reasonably affordable prices. We began by looking at a few things together, but before I knew it I had stolen the iPad and was off on my own misson to find him a whole new wardrobe. We focussed mainly on tops because I think it's really difficult to shop for trousers and jeans online - it's better to try a few different pairs in real life before committing yourself to them. I discovered during the course of the evening that it's really important when choosing clothes for others that you take into account their personality (so that you don't deck them out in snazzy threads they'd be too shy to wear), skin tone (so they don't end up looking like a corpse) and body type. Three hours (and a bottle o rouge) later, and this is what I decided on:

1. River Island Short Sleeved Shirt With Tribal Print - ASOS (£28)
2. Farah Vintage Shirt with Dobby Dot in Slim Fit - ASOS (£60)
3. ASOS Smart Shirt In Long Sleeve (Teal) - ASOS (£17)
4. Blend Shirt Slim Fit All Over Geometric Print - ASOS (£27.99)
5. Diesel Shirt S-Vilas with Palm Print - ASOS (£140)
6. ASOS Smart Shirt In Longline With Long Sleeves - ASOS (£22)
7. Selected Shirt With Mini Floral Print - ASOS (£35)
8. Diesel Shirt S-Iman in Leopard Print - ASOS (£120)

My personal favourites are the two Diesel shirts and the longline white shirt. I love the oversized style of the Diesel shirts, and I think muted patterns are the best way to make a statement without looking tacky or too in your face. It's a shame that the Diesel shirts are so expensive, however it would be quite easy to find cheaper alternatives on Ebay, ASOS Marketplace or even in charity shops. The longline style of the shirt makes a nice alternative to your classic white shirt, and is a way to make a statement without trying too hard - it would look great with black skinny jeans or rolled up trousers and brogues.

1.ASOS Long Sleeve T-Shirt In Longline & Textured Fabric - ASOS (£18)
2. River Island Twisted Jumper with All Over Foxes Print - ASOS (£35)
3. ASOS Merino Roll Neck Jumper - ASOS (£35)
4. ASOS Twisted Yarn Jumper - ASOS (£ 30)
5.  ASOS Denim Jacket With Distressed Effect - ASOS (£20)

I am obsessed with this fox jumper! It's the cutest thing I've seen in ages and if someone I know doesn't get it I will probably have to get it for them.

1. River Island Scoop Neck T-Shirt With Smoke Moth Print -ASOS (£13.50)
2. ASOS Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Bound Scoop Neck - ASOS (£8)
3. ASOS T-Shirt With Acid Wash And Oversized Dropped Shoulder Fit - ASOS (£16)
4. American Apparel Raglan Top in White/Forest - ASOS (£24)
5. Nudie Long Sleeve Top Otto Stripe Raglan Organic Slub - ASOS (£45)
6. ASOS Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Roll Neck - ASOS (£10.50)
7. New Look T-Shirt with Tropical Print - ASOS (£14.50)

I love roll necks when paired with a blazer and trousers with brogues or loafers, as I think it looks really chic and smart - it's a nice alternative to a shirt and tie. Although it's quite a strong look to pull off, I think it's one that really works. On the other end of the spectrum, I also love simple t shirts such as raglan baseball tees, breton stripes and acid wash. I think they look really casual and effortless when thrown together with a denim or leather jacket and skinny jeans. It's a look you can't go wrong with and is how I think every guy should dress!

I had a great time online personal shopping and discovering the world of menswear. Are you thinking of updating your wardrobe?
Elly xxx

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


After seeing Charli XCX perform at T in the Park festival a couple of weeks ago, I have become a huge fan of her style. Her look is very 90s inspired, typically grungey yet playful, featuring a lot of tartan, cami dresses and choker necklaces. As this look has been on trend for quite a while now, it's really easy to find 90s inspired pieces (see my Clueless inspired style post) in the shops at the moment. Despite this, Charli always manages to look fresh and edgy - a particular favourite of mine being her silver leather jacket in her recent video for new single "Boom Clap." 

1. Cross Choker Necklace - ASOS (£8)
2. Mereditch Silk Feel Cami Swing Dress in Silver - Missguided (£19.99)
3. Blackwatch Check Leggings - Topshop (£15)
4. Buffalo Black Glitter Platform Sneakers - Master Shoe (£132.99)
5. Oh My Love Pastel Pink Cami Dress - ASOS (£17.50)
6. Mermaid Crop Top - Glitters for Dinner ($55)
7. Motel Vintage Katy Black and White Check Circle Skirt - Motel (£30)
8. Long Sleeve Mesh Crop Top With Symbol Embroidery - Topshop - Sold Out - Check Ebay
9. Black Turtle Neck Sleeveless Crop top - River Island - Sold Out - Similar available at ASOS (£8)
10. Religion Metallic Silver Biker Jacket - ASOS (£250)

Who are you inspired by?
Elly xxx

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Hi everyone! Sorry for being MIA for the last week - I spent it in Somerset playing at being an old lady by visiting National Trust properties, staying in a farmhouse and having cream teas for almost every meal. It definitely beat a wild girls' holiday in Magaluf, and I would definitely recommend it if you are elderly at heart (just call me Ethel from now on.). I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite photos and memories from the week and recommend a few places in case you were thinking of visiting the area in future.

View from Glastonbury Tor (otherwise known as "the left breast of the daughter of Mother Earth"/"home of the fairy king".... yeah I'm lost too.) 

One of the many interesting shops in Glastonbury that caught my eye - I love the style that's unique to this place, even if it can be slightly disconcerting at times!

Chalk graffiti in Glasonbury - so cute!

Looking like we own the house at Longleat - if only!

Longleat House - try to get in in the morning so you can take an exclusive tour of the Lord Bath's private part of the house (and if you do, prepare to be disturbed - that man is weird.).

Lost in the maze at Longleat!

A collage of our day in Wells, one of the nicest cities I've been to in a long time! If you're going to Somerset I'd really recommend it (especially if you love Gothic architecture like I do!). We had an hour long tour of the cathedral and then spent the rest of the day in the Bishop's Palace (where you can dress up as a Bishop - the best bit by far!).

The bridge (featured in Pride and Prejudice !!!) and one of the Temples at Stourhead - the gardens here are absolutely amazing and I'd definitely recommend it, especially if you love Pride and Prejudice as the best scene of the whole film is filmed here (the proposal scene in the rain? I'm sure you know what I mean. I'll be quiet now.).

View from the grotto at Stourhead - this place was full of surprises!

Gothic windows at Stourhead - I'm obsessed with Gothic architecture and this place is full of it.

Looking slightly ill outside a gothic cottage at Stourhead!

Outside a church at Stourhead.


Where've you been on holiday this year?
Elly xxx
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Saturday, 19 July 2014



Hello everyone! I can't believe I haven't blogged about this dress yet! I've had it since around February,and it was a bit of an impulse buy in Zara. I don't often buy reasonably expensive pieces on the spur of the moment, but there was something about this dress that meant I just had to have it. I've worn it out a few times now, and I love wearing it with not only these classic Topshop heels, but also with my black and white heels from ASOS which you can see in my previous outfit post. Wearing it with them gives it a real 60s vibe! Once again, you can see I'm going for a bit of a monochrome look, but at least I'm attempting to wear a pattern here! I love this dress, but one thing I would say is that it is really short. Whether it's shrunk in the wash or I've just grown remains a mystery, but I would bear the length in mind when buying this style of dress (especially if you're planning on wearing heels with it.).

What've you worn out recently?
Elly xxx
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Thursday, 17 July 2014


This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend T in the Park festival for its last year at Balado air field, Scotland. I had the most amazing weekend camping with my friends, seeing my favourite artists and discovering new music. Despite the unpredictable weather (Scotand really is the only place you could get heatstroke one day then have a flooded tent and a brush with pneumonia the next!) I had a great time, and thought it only right that I share with you both my musical and style highlights of the weekend.

1) Arctic Monkeys
Laugh if you will, but I'm not ashamed so say that I shed a few tears when I saw Alex Turner's face in real life for the first time (only God can judge me.). I've wanted to see this band play for as long as I can remember, and they did not disappoint at all. It felt so surreal being part of the crowd - I literally could not believe what I was seeing. The set went by so quickly, but I can't think of a better way to have ended the weekend. Apparently Alex Turner's new look is a bit of a controversial one, but I personally love it. He couldn't have kept the skinny indie kid look forever! Although it could be said it's borderline Elvis, I love his new hair, and his outfit on Sunday night was perfect - an amazing leather jacket paired with the strongest shoe game I've seen in ages. I think I might be in love.

2) Paolo Nutini
I've been obsessed with Paolo Nutini's new album recently, and so I couldn't pass up seeing him live. His voice is incredible, and the highlight for me had to be when he performed "Iron Sky", my favourite song from his new album. His outfit was so effortlessly cool yet well put together - you literally can't go wrong with slightly worn denim and leather, especially with his slightly scruffy hair and stubble. He is a perfect example of how I think most men should dress (take hint, world).

3) Biffy Clyro
My love for Simon Neil knows no bounds, and the fact he came out on Friday night wearing nothing but a pair of floral jeggings pretty much says it all. This was my third time seeing Biffy live (I saw them at Reading last year, and at the Roundhouse in 2012), and they blew me away just as much as they did the first time. The pyrotechnics were incredible, probably the most I've ever seen at a festival, and the entire experience was just mind blowing. I personally love Simon's scruffy rock star look, although I know it can be a bit much for some people. I think he pulls it off really well, and, unlike a lot of people, he really suits his tattoos. Biffy are just such an honest band and their performances never get old for me.

4) Haim
Despite the fact that they didn't play my favourite song from their album ("My Song 5"), the sisters' performance was great and really empowering. They're a great example of a girl band who break the norms of what a girl band "should" be, and I love their album so much. It's just so sassy and different to a lot of stuff that's out at the moment. I love how effortless Danielle Haim looked in her denim shorts and white tee - this band are such a style inspiration for me!

5) Charli XCX
 I'd like to just take a moment for my new found girl crush, Charli XCX (I'll be doing a get the look post in a few weeks time!). I've only really listened to her music for a month or so, but I thought I'd check her out as one of my friends is a major fan (and I was hoping she'd do Fancy!). The first thing I noticed was her amazing outfit - a baby pink slip dress, bare feet and red lips. It was so 90s inspired and I loved it! It was hard not to notice that she wasn't wearing a bra either, but I think she really rocked the look and that more girls should feel comfortable doing the same. She had such a carefree attitude and stage presence that me and my friends all came away totally in love with her.

6) Newton Faulker
More of a music than a style inspiration (although I do think his look is amazing), Newton Faulkner really blew me away on Sunday. He opened the main stage with his acoustic set, and I have never been so in awe of a musician in my life! His cover of Teardrop by Massive Attack was a huge highlight for me. I'd never really listened to him before, but I will definitely be downloading his albums soon. He seems like such a nice guy, and is so talented. Check out some of his live performances on YouTube if you haven't already - and prepare to be amazed!

7) Catfish and the Bottlemen
I felt really happy for these guys when they got a great reception at the T Break stage on Sunday. They're an emerging indie rock band and I love their music, my favourite song of theirs being "Fallout". They seem really genuine and are so deserving of all the success they're getting.

8) Chvrches
I've been meaning to see this band for the longest time, and was so happy I got the chance to this weekend. Their set was amazing, and because they performed in a tent instead of on a main stage, the gig seemed a lot more intimate and almost as if you were at their tour. They played their full album, and I loved the lighting effects and the atmosphere in the tent. Frontwoman Lauren Mayberry looked beautiful as ever, and I loved her monochrome outfit and quirky hairstyle.

I'm so sad it's over! Are you off to any festivals this year?
Elly xxx

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Hi everyone! Seeing as it's summer time and I'm soon to be heading off inter railing in Eastern Europe (SOS), I thought I'd put together a wishlist of some of the things I'd like to (in an ideal, much more glamorous world) take with me on my travels. I'm heading off in August to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam, so if anyone has any suggestions of where to visit, please let me know.

1. Band of Gypsies Split Maxi Skirt in Boarder Print - ASOS (£34.00)
I am obsessed with Band of Gypsies! They're a brand I found on ASOS a few months ago (they also stock at Topshop and Urban Outfitters), and all their pieces are so bohemian and perfect for travelling. There's not a single thing in their collection that I don't like, and it was hard not to include solely Band of Gypsies in this post. I love this skirt not only because of the pattern, but because of the slits at the front, which I feel create an even more youthful and carefree look.

2. Folk Print Wide Leg Trousers - Topshop (£40.00)
I'm really loving the look of wide leg trousers at the moment, but as of yet I've been too scared to wear them! Topshop have two pairs in at the moment, both in amazing bohemian prints. I'd imagine they'd be super comfortable as well as being quite airy, and so would be perfect for travelling, as well as making a statement at the same time.

3. Mirror Embellished Beach Shorts - ASOS (£18.00)
These shorts are a cooler, less intimidating equivalent to the trousers. Again, they feature an amazing folk/bohemian inspired print, but are a lot more wearable. I love the shape of running shorts at the moment too, so this pair combine my two favourite trends perfectly. The amount of colours featured in these shorts mean they'd be easily paired with just about anything, too. 

4. You Are Here - A Mindful Travel Journal - Amazon (£9.19)
Originally I was thinking of bringing a plain Moleskine journal travelling with me, as I really wanted to document my travels this year. However, whilst I was looking for suitable journals, I found this really interesting one by Emma Clarke. It has a lot of thoughtful prompts on each page as to what you should write or draw, as well as giving you tips on how to get the most out of your trip. It's kind of a more toned down version of Wreck this Journal. 

5. Crinkle Bardot Bandeau Top - Topshop (£22.00)
When going abroad you can't beat a white top to keep you cool. This one is off the shoulder, too, so it's both on trend and perfect for hot weather. The layered element of this top works well with the bohemian theme that seems to be running through this wishlist, also! An added bonus is that it will go with just about anything, meaning that you can travel light. 

6. Kodak Fun Flash Disposable Camera - Amazon (Pack of 2) (£15.75)
Call me old fashioned (or a wannabe hipster, let's not go there), but you just can't beat film photography. I love having the images developed and being able to hold them in my hands. There's also the suspense of not knowing what on earth is going to be developed, too! I feel that with film photography you can capture the moment a lot more successfully (no trout pout ridden selfies over here.). What's more, it's a lot safer if you're travelling and don't feel secure bringing an expensive camera.

7. Band of Gypsies Crochet Swing Dress with Cold Shoulder - ASOS (£42.00)
Band of Gypsies again! I've wanted a dress like this for months now, and was so excited to find one that was actually in stock. This would be perfect for travelling as it's really versatile. I can imagine wearing this both casually for travelling and sightseeing during the day, but also for a meal and drinks in the evening. Once again, this would help you travel light. 

8. Ivona Black Fringed Faux Suede Jacket - Missguided (£29.99)
I have wanted to blog about this jacket for ages! Every time I go onto the Missguided website I am drawn to it. I love fringing detail, whether  it be on bags, kimonos or jackets, and I think this jackets works really well with the theme I'm trying to put across in this wishlist. Because it's black it will go with everything, and is a stylish way to cover up on colder days. This wouldn't look out of place at a festival either. 

Where are you going on holiday this year? 
Elly xxx

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Monday, 7 July 2014


WHITE VEST TOP: H&M - £14.99

Hello everyone! This is just a quick outfit post, showing you what I wore to London earlier this week.  I had a great day meeting up with a bunch of old friends from secondary school - I think it's really important to try to stay in contact with as many people as you can. I visited Chinatown for the first time which was really interesting (if not slightly fishy), as well as nearly losing my soul in M&M World (my new dream career is to dress up as an M&M and live out my days there.).
Outfit-wise I stuck to monochrome, although I did make a valiant attempt of colour with my new (ish) bag from TKMaxx. I love this bag as it is so simple! The colours are perfect and it goes with most things. It's super clever as well as it can be worn both as a rucksack and a shoulder bag, which is great depending on where you are going and the kind of look you are going for. I've noticed I seem to be wearing a lot of H&M recently - I think it's because they have a lot of simple pieces in at the moment. This high necked strappy top is one of them, and I love the delicate detailing on the back. I also really like the structure this scuba skirt creates, I feel like the shape makes adds another element to the outfit, making it look that little bit more chic. I haven't worn my favourite shoes from ASOS in ages, either, and I think they tie together the outfit really well. 

What've you been wearing recently?
Elly xxx

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Saturday, 5 July 2014


Hello everyone! Today I thought I'd take a step away from the usual theme of my blog posts, and write something a little bit different. The last year has been a really important time in my life, and I have a learnt a great deal about myself (I know, so deep right?). I understand that for a lot of people, this period of life is a really hard one. I, as well as many others, have been through a great deal of ups and downs in the past few years, and so I thought I'd share some of the things I have learnt, in the hope that they might help some of you to begin to become happier within yourself. (This is beginning to sound like an advert for a hippie retreat - I promise I'm not about to don a pair of hemp Jesus sandals and start lecturing you about finding your inner "zen". )

1. Firstly, you have to rid yourself of negative influences. Although this may be hard sometimes (the negative influences in your life can often be those you cling onto most dearly), you will feel better in the long run. If something or someone is getting you down, ditch it and move on. The first step might be painful, but the relief will outweigh the pain tenfold. The moment that you realise you can live a happier life without the negative influence is the moment you can really move forward. Then, if you have to encounter the negative influence again, you'll have the power and confidence to overcome it, as you'll have realised you don't need it!

2. Happiness comes from within. Doing things for yourself is really important. Spending time alone can actually be really relaxing and enjoyable - it's not sad to hang out with yourself! Being able to have fun alone is a really important step in finding happiness. Why not take a trip shopping, or to your favourite museum? Even something as simple as having a night in alone (turn your phone off!) can make you begin to realise that you don't need to rely on outside influences for your happiness. 

3. Make others happy. Once you've realised you can be happy within yourself, why not spread this to others? A simple gesture like surprising your best friends and family with cookies (or even a hug!) can go a long way. Not only does this make them feel appreciated, it makes you feel good too. Try being extra helpful to customers at work - nothing makes me feel as satisfied as helping others out.

3. Take control of your future. Nothing is as motivating as a plan! Set a goal, and begin to work towards it. For example, I started this blog as a step towards my future career goals. I also spend a lot of time drawing as I want to improve my portrait skills. Perhaps you'd like to learn a musical instrument or learn a foreign language? Doing something productive is a real achievement and is a great way to make yourself feel good. 

4. Wallowing is the worst thing you can do - get up and stay busy! The amount of times I've found myself lying in bed scrolling through social media sites is really quite depressing. Find something to do. As soon as you get up and start doing something worthwhile with your time, you'll instantly feel happier. Even if it's something as simple as tidying your room, the smallest amount of exercise is scientifically proven to make your feel better!

5. Be spontaneous and say "yes."  Try new things, even if they scare you. Make life interesting and don't worry about what other people think! Join a new club, do some volunteering, start up a YouTube channel. Go travelling! Do something you've always wanted to do but have always been to afraid to. Life's too short to miss out on opportunities because you're worried about how people might react. Most of the time, people will support you. If they don't - they're not worth your time (or they're just jealous of your confidence!). What's the worst that can happen? You'll regret not doing something and never knowing how it might have gone. 

At the end of the day, the only person that will always be there for you is you, so you may as well love yourself and make the most of every minute. Be yourself (even if that means doing interpretive dance to entertain your flatmates every evening.).

Lots of love,
Elly xxx

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014



Today I decided to dig out something different from my wardrobe, as I've found that I always tend to stick to wearing the same few pieces (usually those which I've recently bought) day in, day out. I found this old Topshop leopard print dress in my whilst having a huge clear out last week (I literally was in danger of becoming a hoarder), and decided to keep it as I really love the shape and the thin straps (another recent obsession of mine.) Although I'm not usually a fan of leopard print (think Pat Butcher on Eastenders circa 2001), I think this dress actually looks quite chic when paired with my new RAMBLE heels from Topshop. I love the fit of this dress, as it is something which could be worn as both a casual summer dress but also dressed up with a pair of heels. I can imagine wearing this outfit to dinner on holiday this summer.

How about trying to find something old to revamp from your wardrobe?
Elly xxx

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Hello everyone! I was kindly contacted recently by Sugar for Spike, a new brand collaborating with Net-A-Porter. The collection is really youthful, and I love how effortlessly they've mixed girly florals with more casual, sports inspired pieces. Their garments are really versatile and are transitional for both summer days and nights out, and I absolutely love the way they've styled and composed their debut lookbook. You can see my picks of their pieces and looks above. They say: 

"Sugar For Spike is pleased to announce the release of its debut collection editorial lookbook.
The inspiration behind the lookbook comes from two friends, looking for an escape from the perfectionism and commercialism of their city, where they stumble into a “secret” underground hangout to have a little carefree fun. 
Dancing and twirling throughout the night, and forgetting whom they are and what the world deems as appropriate behaviour, they end up discovering that the liberation from the night out will be one of the memories they will treasure about their youth."

The collection is slated to release at select retailers and online at on 7th August 2014. The line is also available for pre-order now, with free international shipping. Closing date for pre-orders is 10th July 2014.

What's more, I have 5 x $100 vouchers for Urban Decay in association with Sugar for Spike to give away, and you can enter by clicking here.

What do you think of the collection?
Elly xxx

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