Saturday, 22 March 2014


1. H&M FLOPPY HAT - £14.99 - Since my beloved bowler hat (also from H&M) died a tragic death last month (RIP, gone but not forgotten) I've had my eye out for a replacement. Before I bought my bowler hat last year I would never have described myself as a "hat person", but I actually think it suited me reasonably well and so now I feel ready for a bigger one! I feel the wider, floppier brim of this hat would be great for spring/summer (both style-wise and for practical purposes), and I think this style looks so chic and pulls together almost any outfit. They've just opened up a new H&M in Oxford recently so I think it's fate!
2. ZARA PASTEL PINK T BAR COURT SHOES - £59.99 - I spotted these shoes a few weeks ago whilst browsing the Oxford ZARA and I fell in love! These shoes just embody everything I love about this years spring/summer trends (the pastel colours, pointed toe, T-bar...) and I think they're absolutely perfect. If only I could justify buying them! 

3. and 4. TOPSHOP STRAPPY BLACK CROP TOP - £8 layered with TOPSHOP SKINNY RIB CROP TOP - £8 - If you've seen my Clueless inspired style blog post you'll understand the inspiration for this particular combination! There's a scene in the film in which Cher wears this exact combination for her P.E class and I absolutely love it! It's a really easy and affordable way to create an on-trend 90s look, and what's even better is that it's two separate pieces, meaning you can wear them together or separately to create a multitude of different looks. 

5. TOPSHOP PASTEL BLUE CIGARETTE TROUSERS - £30  - I've had my eye on these trousers for months! The colour and fit are just perfect and ever since I bought my first pair of cigarette trousers a few months ago I've been obsessed with them. It's just so hard to justify buying them when I already have a pastel pink pair..

6. URBAN OUTFITTERS STARING AT STARS GAUZY COLD SHOULDER TOP - $49 - This is a bit of a random one, but I'm beginning to absolutely love this style of top. I can't quite put my finger on what it is I love about it so much and I've only seen them in a couple of stores, but I really do think this trend is one to watch for summer. There's something quite ethereal and fairy-tale about it that I love.

7. TOPSHOP CLEAR PLASTIC MAC - £40 - I need this for festivals! I'm going to T in the Park this summer (the line up is amazing - let me know if you're going too!) and so I figured this would be a great way to stay dry but also to look stylish too. It's great because you can see your outfit under the Mac, and there's a nod to both the kitsch and PVC trend there, too.

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