Saturday, 22 March 2014


1. H&M FLOPPY HAT - £14.99 - Since my beloved bowler hat (also from H&M) died a tragic death last month (RIP, gone but not forgotten) I've had my eye out for a replacement. Before I bought my bowler hat last year I would never have described myself as a "hat person", but I actually think it suited me reasonably well and so now I feel ready for a bigger one! I feel the wider, floppier brim of this hat would be great for spring/summer (both style-wise and for practical purposes), and I think this style looks so chic and pulls together almost any outfit. They've just opened up a new H&M in Oxford recently so I think it's fate!
2. ZARA PASTEL PINK T BAR COURT SHOES - £59.99 - I spotted these shoes a few weeks ago whilst browsing the Oxford ZARA and I fell in love! These shoes just embody everything I love about this years spring/summer trends (the pastel colours, pointed toe, T-bar...) and I think they're absolutely perfect. If only I could justify buying them! 

3. and 4. TOPSHOP STRAPPY BLACK CROP TOP - £8 layered with TOPSHOP SKINNY RIB CROP TOP - £8 - If you've seen my Clueless inspired style blog post you'll understand the inspiration for this particular combination! There's a scene in the film in which Cher wears this exact combination for her P.E class and I absolutely love it! It's a really easy and affordable way to create an on-trend 90s look, and what's even better is that it's two separate pieces, meaning you can wear them together or separately to create a multitude of different looks. 

5. TOPSHOP PASTEL BLUE CIGARETTE TROUSERS - £30  - I've had my eye on these trousers for months! The colour and fit are just perfect and ever since I bought my first pair of cigarette trousers a few months ago I've been obsessed with them. It's just so hard to justify buying them when I already have a pastel pink pair..

6. URBAN OUTFITTERS STARING AT STARS GAUZY COLD SHOULDER TOP - $49 - This is a bit of a random one, but I'm beginning to absolutely love this style of top. I can't quite put my finger on what it is I love about it so much and I've only seen them in a couple of stores, but I really do think this trend is one to watch for summer. There's something quite ethereal and fairy-tale about it that I love.

7. TOPSHOP CLEAR PLASTIC MAC - £40 - I need this for festivals! I'm going to T in the Park this summer (the line up is amazing - let me know if you're going too!) and so I figured this would be a great way to stay dry but also to look stylish too. It's great because you can see your outfit under the Mac, and there's a nod to both the kitsch and PVC trend there, too.

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Monday, 17 March 2014



No film embodies the 90s quite like the Cult classic Clueless, and with the release of Iggy Azalea's new Clueless themed music video, it seems this style is truly back with a vengeance. I adore the 90s look, both the grunge and kitsch side of it, and so after watching the film I just had to create my own Cher Horowitz inspired look (and had great fun with my friend shooting it!) Last year it seemed that the more grunge side of the 90s made a comeback with dungarees and baggy jeans, but this year it's more about the preppy look. Spaghetti straps, crop tops, pastel colours, plaid... the list goes on. To make our search easier I've found some pieces online that I think would work together to make a perfectly Clueless wardrobe (and Missguided seem to have got this look down to a tee!)

Do you love or hate this trend?
Elly xxx