Sunday, 21 July 2013


I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks' time, so mum and I decided to go on our yearly pre-holiday shop, which has become a bit of a tradition in recent years. I needed a new swimsuit, some sunglasses and a hat, but somehow ended up with a few other bits along the way. (My mother spoils me too much!) My mum also bought a few really interesting pieces for herself which I'll probably be borrowing at some point!

1. MONOCHROME CHECK PRINT SHIRT -TOPSHOP (£35) - Yes, another monochrome piece - I think I'm developing a problem. I've wanted a shirt with this style of print since I saw a girl wearing one a few months ago. I love the boxy cropped style of this shirt, as well as the way in which the pattern on the pocket contrasts to the rest of the shirt. It's true to size and great quality and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it because it's so versatile - you can wear it with literally anything!

2. BLUE PATTERNED KIMONO - TOPSHOP (£55) - I am in love with this, and feel so spoiled to actually own it! It's a bit of a love or hate piece, but I think it's the perfect way to layer up and add a bit of interest to an outfit. The pattern and material are beautiful, and it feels really well made so you can almost justify the price. Plus it makes me feel a bit like Florence Welch which is never a bad thing.

3. TROPICAL PRINT HIGH WAISTED BIKINI - TOPSHOP (£34) - If you know me, you'll know that I hold a vendetta against bikinis. I hate the idea of people getting their stomachs out and I just think that they look horrendous, even on the most "toned" of women. However, I have been slightly converted since high waisted bikinis have come into fashion. I'm obsessed with wearing high waisted skirts, shorts and jeans and pairing them with crop tops, and I don't really see how wearing a high waisted bikini is much different. This one covers my belly button which is perfect, and is the only bikini I've ever tried that actually fits both my non existent chest and my disproportionately large bum! I love the pattern and it's great quality so I'm really happy with this purchase - it's pretty much perfect for me!

 4. BLACK ROUND SUNGLASSES WITH GOLD DETAILING - TOPSHOP (£16) - As I said, I needed to buy a pair of sunglasses for summer as my last pair broke at V Festival last year. I wanted a pair of round sunglasses and I just love the gold detailing on this pair. They're pretty versatile as well as being statement, and I reckon I'll get a lot of wear out of them this year.

5. BOWLER HAT - H&M (£6.99) - I'm so in love with this! I've always envied people who wear these hats as I feel they really complete an outfit, but I have never actually bought one myself because they always seem to be either too expensive or not big enough for my head! This one is a great price and fits, so I'm going to be wearing this with everything. I put it on as soon as I got out of the shop!

6. WHITE HEXAGONAL SUNGLASSES - TOPSHOP (£18) - My mum and I fell in love with these! They're a bit crazy and admittedly are not to everyone's tastes, but I think they're going to look great with my new bikini on the beach. I feel slightly like I'm out of Charlie and the Chocolate factory in them, but we've all got to wear silly and fun things sometimes, haven't we?

Have you bought anything new for summer?
Elly xxx


  1. Bam! Those hexagonal sunglasses are out of this world. They have 60s mod down to a t! Also, I love that style of bikini and the print is really fun! I recently got something similar, a little bit lolita, from floozie.

    RE summer: I went mad this year!

    Hopped over here from lookbook and happy to follow! - you've put together some great looks with a distinctive style :)

    Maybe check out: (have been starting up ^-^)

    1. Thank you! Ooh love the lolita style - bet it's gorgeous!
      haha it's always good to go mad now and again!
      Thank you so much, it's really appreciated :)
      I'll check your blog out! xxx

  2. Your blog is aweosme. I love your style and I wish you good luck. I've got style <3

  3. I really admire everything you do.


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