Thursday, 20 June 2013


My exams are finally over! So I decided to take a trip shopping to get a few new bits for the summer. I had an H&M giftcard, so I figured that was enough of an excuse. You've probably seen/will see some of these pieces in past and upcoming blog posts.
 1. Lace Crop Top - Primark (£4) - I already have the Topshop equivalent to this top, and I have been wearing it to death, so I thought it'd be nice to pick up the cheaper alternative too (which is just as nice!). Primark stock these in pink, black and blue as well.
2. Holographic Court Shoes - Forever 21 (£19.75) - See my previous post.
3. Tropical Print Bralet - H&M (£14.99) - I'm going to both V and Reading festival this year, and so I've been on the look out for bralets and other crop tops to wear with shorts and skirts whilst I'm there. I love the colours and pattern of this, and was so impressed that it fit me! (If you have a smaller bust like me, I'd definitely check H&M's bralets out.).
4. White Wrap Front Flippy Dress - Topshop (£40) - This is going to be my prom dress! We're having a much more relaxed prom for our sixth form leavers than we did at GCSE (thank god), so I've chosen this simple dress to go with my holographic court shoes and a matching bag. It's slightly odd-fitting, but that's only because I'm so disproportionate (huge shoulders, tiny waist, huge bum - what?)
5. Black Bag with Zip Detailing and Suede Panels - Primark (£10) - I've needed a medium sized bag for ages now, and I just thought that this one looked a lot more expensive and chic than most Primark bags. It's a great size for everything I need, and you can't really fault it for the price!
6. Grey Bodycon Dress with Panther Print - H&M (£7.99) - This dress fits me perfectly, and I really love it. Not much to say really, apart from that it's a great piece because it can be dressed up or down depending on the occassion - and it's very inexpensive! H&M do these in a variety of colours and prints.

What have you bought recently? Elly xxx

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