Friday, 28 June 2013


I must admit, I've never really been into jewellery. I've hardly ever worn rings or bracelets and only occasionally wear necklaces - I haven't even got my ears pierced! Most of the time I just don't think any of it is very "me", and I can never justify buying it when I know that I could get clothes (or food) for the same amount of money. However, I've really been loving the look of thick gold chains lately, and despite the fact I invested in one from ASOS a few months back which made me look like a failed gangster rapper, I decided to buy another one, this time from H&M. Luckily for me, this chain is a lot thinner than the ASOS one, and so doesn't look quite so ridiculous. It has a double linked effect, and some of the links are textured, which I think makes it look slightly more expensive than it really is. It's really versatile and I love the way it looks with high necked tops and shirt collars, and is an easy way to make a plain outfit a little more interesting. This one was only £6.99, and I couldn't really argue with that, especially seeing as I still had money left on a gift card.

What's your favourite necklace?
Elly xxx

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  1. This is cute! I nominated you for the liebster award blogger game:


    1. Thanks! Oooh sounds exciting - thank you x

  2. Wow, you have a great blog! I love it!
    I'm currently loving the new trend of big chunky necklaces. They are a great way to just define an outfit! I totally agree with wearing them with shirts with collars cause I'm a total sucker for them haha

    Rachel x x

    1. Thank you so much! I totally agree, I'm obsessed with shirts so it's great to have something to make them a bit more interesting :) x


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