Friday, 31 May 2013


Today was probably the most eventful day I've had all week, although that isn't really saying much. If you're going through/have been through A-Levels/GCSEs you'll know as well I do how this time of the year is painfully boring - all I've done this week is stay inside and eat. Today, however, I was finally able to roam free - if only to trek to the doctors (such fun,I saw a small boy lick the floor) and to Primark. On the bright side, I got the chance to see The Great Gatsby for a second time, and it was even better than the first! I never see films in the cinema more than once but I'm obsessed. I'll definitely be doing an inspired party look soon.

Grey Skater Dress - Topshop
Denim Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Spotty Tights - Primark
Heeled Chelsea Boots - ASOS
Quilted Bag - Vintage
Silver Cross Necklace - Miss Selfridge

I tried to do my nails today too - the base is NYC in Mint Macaroon, and the glitter is by ORly.

How eventful was your day?


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Thursday, 30 May 2013


JuJu Shoes  are the original creators of the iconic 80's Jelly Shoe, and with the recent revival of 80s and 90s fashion, transparent and brightly coloured plastic is everywhere. I'm sure most 90s kids had a pair of  these adorable jelly shoes growing up (I know I had a purple glittery pair!) and I'm so excited to finally be able to wear them again.

They're a bit love or hate, but I think they are so cute and so much fun.

My favourite of the styles JuJu have to offer is definitely the "Babe", I love the small block heel and I think they would look perfect either just with bare feet or with a cute pair of frilly socks. These shoes are also reasonably affordable at around £15-£30 depending on style/stockist, so I'm definitely going to get my hands on a pair for the summer months.

The brand don't sell directly from their website, but stock at these places (links should be direct to the shoes - I'd look at all of them because they all stock different designs!):

Amazon               Urban Outfitters             Debenhams
Foot Asylum       Office
Bank                    American Apparel   
Topshop             Dolls Kill
Mr Shoes           Modcloth
Zalando              River Island

All I have to choose now is the colour! I'm thinking of either going for a transparent glittery pair at the moment, but there are just so many to choose from! What do you think?

Elly xxx

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Thursday, 16 May 2013


I know my last post was all about 90s fashion and so I should probably have waited a while before embarking on another denim-related rant, but I just couldn't wait to post about these jeans from Topshop. They're a bit of a love/hate piece if I'm honest, and even I am slightly surprised by the fact that I absolutely love them. Usually, I'm one for super skinny jeans (I also own the Topshop Joni Jeans, if you're looking for a skinnier alternative to these), and would never have dreamt of touching denim that isn't practically skin tight. However, there was something about the feel of this 90s inspired acid wash pair that meant I had to have them. I was a bit sceptical as to whether they would be worth the £40 I spent on them, but they are made of a very heavy material and are so incredibly versatile that I reckon they are a great investment. Personally, I love wearing them with crop tops to take full advantage of their super high waist. I have such an obsession with high waisted pieces at the moment, mainly because I love crop tops and hate exposed stomachs with an absolute passion so it just works really well for me. In an ideal world I would have paired them with a pair of black court shoes, but I still haven't managed to invest in any, and I'm still not sure if that look is socially acceptable.

 Lace Crop Top - Topshop
Jeans: -Topshop
Boots - ASOS
Belt - Vintage
Lipstick - Kate Moss for Rimmel London No1

What do you think about the 90s trend?

Elly xxx

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Saturday, 4 May 2013


As we all know, 90s fashion has come back with a vengeance over the last two years, and nothing embodies the 90s quite like a pair of denim dungarees! I had been looking everywhere for the perfect pair, when I finally came across these short dungarees for only £12 in Primark (quite a saving on the £38 pair I had been eyeing up in TopShop!)The quality of these is fantastic for Primark, and they fit really well (the straps are adjustable so sizing isn't really too much of an issue.) 
I really love them because they are just so unbelievably comfortable and versatile, and they are going to be absolutely perfect for summer - I reckon I will be living in them! I love wearing them with crop tops underneath and bare legs when the sun is out, but of course it's always possible to layer up with jackets and tights depending on the weather.
I chose short dungarees because I was a little bit too scared to take the plunge and get a full on pair of long ones, but I really hope I'll be brave enough one day because I adore the way they look and they just make me want to be a mum and paint things in the sunshine. (Help me.)

Burgundy Polo Neck Crop Top - ASOS
White Crop T Shirt - TopShop
Long Sleeved Velvet Top - Primark
ADONIS2 Cut Out Boots - TopShop
Creepers - Underground
Frilly Socks - TopShop

Lipstick - Kate Moss for Rimmel London 02

What do you think about dungarees?

Elly xxx

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