Friday, 27 December 2013


I have been meaning to blog about this dress for ages! I bought it last month from Missguided (£24.99) to wear for my boyfriend's birthday, and I'm absolutely in love with it. I seem to be obsessed with dark blues at the moment, and you can't get more luxuriant than blue velvet. I love the cut of this dress - it's very baggy and oversized but yet still cuts me at the right part of my leg. I think this is a great alternative to velvet skater and bodycon dresses as I feel that it's a slightly more unique style. I've paired it here with my black t-bar suede heels (Missguided) and a 20s inspired sequinned fringe bag of my mother's for an evening look, but this dress also looks great when worn under a black jumper with tights and flats for a more daytime appropriate feel. As always I'm wearing my gold chain necklace from H&M which I feel adds to the opulence of the blue velvet.

What did you wear on Christmas Eve?
Elly xxx

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Monday, 23 December 2013


Yesterday I posted a haul in which I bought this beautiful navy floral jumpsuit from Topshop for £38 in the sale, and I just couldn't wait to write an outfit post in which I styled it! I've been looking for a jumpsuit for ages and it's been such a struggle to find one that fits me. Admittedly my mother did have to do couple of minor alterations to the straps on this one (everything seems to be made for ladies with huge chests nowadays!), but aside from that it seems to fit perfectly. The design is absolutely timeless and I've honestly never worn something so comfortable. Here I've paired it with my beloved holographic court shoes from Forever 21, my DIY matching bag and an H&M gold chain. I think this look is perfect for the Christmas party season, especially if you're going for something a little more classy, and I'm thinking of wearing it out at some point in the next couple of weeks. What's great about this particular jumpsuit is that I will be able to wear it all year round for a multitude of different occasions without feeling uncomfortable or overdressed. 

What are you wearing this Christmas party season?
Elly xxx

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Hello everyone! I apologise for being AWOL for the past three months - I've just started university and it's been so difficult to keep on top of blogging. I'm currently home for Christmas so I thought it was about time that I updated you all on my recent purchases. Due to recently becoming a student I haven't really had that much money to spare, however I have picked up a few items that I'd like to share with you.

1. Black Crop Fluffy Jumper - New Look £17.99
I've hardly been out of this since I bought it! I love this texture and find that it's really versatile and works well with most things. I like to pair it with a gold chain necklace.

2. Pale Pink Trousers - Primark £12
I've always wanted to be a "trouser person" but have never had the guts to buy and wear any! I finally took the plunge with this inexpensive pale pink pair and I'm so glad I did. They look good dressed up or down and I'm tempted to buy them in more colours.

3. Colbalt Blue "Leary" Velvet Trapeze Dress - Missguided £24.99
This dress is just beautiful! I love velvet and own a lot of velvet pieces but I find the cut of this dress to be truly unique. I'm saving it for special occasions but it can also be paired with a black jumper thrown over the top to make it into a more casual piece.

4. Navy Floral Jacquard Strap Jumpsuit - Topshop £38 (In the Sale)
I've been on the look out for a jumpsuit for a long time (ever since I saw one on Florence Welch a few years ago) and I finally found the perfect fit! I think this particular design is great because I can wear it on so many different occasions and I wouldn't feel overdressed in it day to day.

5. Navy Blue High Shine Leggings - Warehouse £15 (In the Sale)
I never bought into the disco pant trend when it was at its peak but I couldn't resist these for a mere £15! They're going to replace a pair of worn out jeans as I feel the colour isn't too dressy. They're great quality from Warehouse and so I could hardly resist - I love the skin tight fit, too.

6. SCENARIO Monochrome heels - ASOS £26.50 (In the Sale)
I've been wearing these almost constantly since I bought them! They're so different to anything I've seen before and I've always liked to accessorize with interesting shoes. I've always wanted white shoes! The heel height is great for daytime and I've received so many compliments on them.

I absolutely love everything I've bought recently and I think all of the pieces are perfect for the Christmas party season as well as being wearable for more casual occasions. I'm a big advocate of being sensible with my money and trying to buy versatile clothes! I'm especially excited to wear my new jumpsuit  - expect plenty of outfit photos in the weeks to come!

What have you purchased recently? 
Elly xxx

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


This year I was lucky enough to take a holiday to the Maldives with my mum. It's such a beautiful place and the way of life is so relaxed - I really didn't want to leave! If you've read my previous blog posts, you'll know that I used to detest all bikinis with a passion (I really am not a fan of stomachs hanging out!) However, I invested in a more acceptable high waisted one from Topshop last month, and it served me very well on holiday this year. In the Maldives you don't really need to bring very many clothes (hence the lack of outfit photos), as you're pretty much permanently on the beach. I paired this bikini with my white hexagonal sunglasses (also from Topshop) as I thought they worked really well together to create a chic and almost Lana Del Rey - esque look. Tropical prints are really in at the moment, as are matching sets, and I wanted to incorporate all of that into my beach look.

Have you been anywhere exotic recently?

Elly xxx

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Sunday, 8 September 2013


Many apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks - I've been in the process of moving to Oxford to study an Art Foundation course so everything has been rather hectic lately! However, I've been here a week now and I'm just about settled in, so I thought I'd better start blogging again. Last month I took a holiday to Northumberland with my family and best friend Lauren, and the weather was great so it gave me a chance to get some great outfit photos. I haven't done a "week in outfits" type post before so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm rubbish at packing so putting together decent outfits whilst away was a bit of a challenge but I hope you like them anyway!

Outfit One:

White Crop Top - Topshop
Floral Skirt - H&M
Jelly Shoes - JuJu Jelly @ Urban Outfitters
Bowler Hat - H&M
Bag - Primark
Round Sunglasses - Topshop

Outfit Two:

Shirt - Topshop
Joni Jeans - Topshop
Brogues - Clarks
Bowler Hat - H&M
Bag - Primark
Round Sunglasses - Topshop
Outfit Three:
Bowie Top - Primark
Dungarees - Primark
Jelly Shoes - JuJu Jelly @ Urban Outfitters
Bowler Hat - H&M
Bag - Primark
Round Sunglasses - Topshop

Grey T Shirt Dress- Topshop
Gold Chain Necklace - H&M
Jelly Shoes - JuJu Jelly @ Urban Outfitters
Bowler Hat - H&M
Bag - Primark
Round Sunglasses - Topshop

 Outfit Four:
Checkerboard Top - H&M
Jeans - ASOS
Jelly Shoes - JuJu Jelly @ Urban Outfitters
Bowler Hat - H&M
Bag - Primark
Round Sunglasses - Topshop

How do you find living out of a suitcase?
Elly xxx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


A few weeks ago I stumbled across this skirt in H&M - a pineapple print pencil skirt! It was only £7.99 which I think is an absolute bargain for such a statement piece. I absolutely love prints at the moment, and this style of skirt is my absolute favourite because there's no need to worry about it blowing up or being too short, yet you can still show off your legs in a bit more of a classy way. The print is a little bit crazy and possibly not to everyone's tastes, but I absolutely love it and think it can be worn in so many different ways. I know that H&M do a crop top in the same print which I have to get my hands on because I adore the "matchy matchy" trend, and would love to try it out. Unfortunately they didn't have the matching top in my size this time (I'm on the look out for it), so I paired it with a lace crop top when I went out to celebrate getting my A Level results last week.

What's your most statement piece of clothing?
Elly xxx

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Monday, 29 July 2013


I had the opportunity yesterday to go out for both lunch and dinner, and so I decided to create outfits that fitted each occasion accordingly. It's not often that I'm lucky enough to have the chance dress up twice in one day! I couldn't resist wearing a few of my newer pieces that I featured in my recent haul, alongside some items that I haven't worn in ages.

Outfit 1: 

This outfit is very much "smart casual" and I think it was perfect for a lunch. I usually shy away from jeans and trousers, and although I guess you could say this outfit is slightly more masculine than what I would usually wear, I think all the pieces work well together.

Monochrome Check Shirt: Topshop
JONI High Waisted Jeans: Topshop
Brogues: Clarks
Bag: Primark
Necklace: H&M
Bowler Hat: H&M
Glasses: Rayban

Outfit 2:

I'm obsessed with my kimono! I think it really adds something to the classic "LBD" look here, and when paired with my bowler hat is a little bit different to your typical evening look. I've had so many comments on this particular piece and I'm so glad I own it!

Velvet Bodycon Dress: Primark
Kimono: Topshop
Boots: ASOS
Bag: Vintage
Bowler Hat: H&M

Have you had to dress up recently?
Elly xxx

Monday, 22 July 2013


Burgundy Crop Top - Topshop
Kimono - Topshop
Skirt - Primark
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Jelly Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bowler Hat - H&M
Bag - Primark
Belt - Vintage

This week I had my last ever class at my dance school before I go off to university in September. It was a really emotional day as I have been attending classes for almost 15 years and I don't really remember life before it. By way of saying "goodbye" my lovely tap class decided to go out for a meal yesterday at Pizza Express. I had a lovely evening and it was nice to see everyone in their ordinary clothes (i.e not clad in lycra), and I definitely recommend Pizza Express' chocolate fudge cake! I decided to wear something weather appropriate (it's boiling in the UK right now) but also slightly dressed up and formal, so I paired this burgundy crop top with my black skater skirt and my favourite belt. I decided to attempt the ever-stylish "socks and sandals" look and couldn't resist putting on my newly acquired bowler hat from H&M. My new kimono from Topshop was also out in full force and I think it adds a really interesting element to the outfit, as well as keeping me warm in the evening!

What are your plans for next year?

Sunday, 21 July 2013


I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks' time, so mum and I decided to go on our yearly pre-holiday shop, which has become a bit of a tradition in recent years. I needed a new swimsuit, some sunglasses and a hat, but somehow ended up with a few other bits along the way. (My mother spoils me too much!) My mum also bought a few really interesting pieces for herself which I'll probably be borrowing at some point!

1. MONOCHROME CHECK PRINT SHIRT -TOPSHOP (£35) - Yes, another monochrome piece - I think I'm developing a problem. I've wanted a shirt with this style of print since I saw a girl wearing one a few months ago. I love the boxy cropped style of this shirt, as well as the way in which the pattern on the pocket contrasts to the rest of the shirt. It's true to size and great quality and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it because it's so versatile - you can wear it with literally anything!

2. BLUE PATTERNED KIMONO - TOPSHOP (£55) - I am in love with this, and feel so spoiled to actually own it! It's a bit of a love or hate piece, but I think it's the perfect way to layer up and add a bit of interest to an outfit. The pattern and material are beautiful, and it feels really well made so you can almost justify the price. Plus it makes me feel a bit like Florence Welch which is never a bad thing.

3. TROPICAL PRINT HIGH WAISTED BIKINI - TOPSHOP (£34) - If you know me, you'll know that I hold a vendetta against bikinis. I hate the idea of people getting their stomachs out and I just think that they look horrendous, even on the most "toned" of women. However, I have been slightly converted since high waisted bikinis have come into fashion. I'm obsessed with wearing high waisted skirts, shorts and jeans and pairing them with crop tops, and I don't really see how wearing a high waisted bikini is much different. This one covers my belly button which is perfect, and is the only bikini I've ever tried that actually fits both my non existent chest and my disproportionately large bum! I love the pattern and it's great quality so I'm really happy with this purchase - it's pretty much perfect for me!

 4. BLACK ROUND SUNGLASSES WITH GOLD DETAILING - TOPSHOP (£16) - As I said, I needed to buy a pair of sunglasses for summer as my last pair broke at V Festival last year. I wanted a pair of round sunglasses and I just love the gold detailing on this pair. They're pretty versatile as well as being statement, and I reckon I'll get a lot of wear out of them this year.

5. BOWLER HAT - H&M (£6.99) - I'm so in love with this! I've always envied people who wear these hats as I feel they really complete an outfit, but I have never actually bought one myself because they always seem to be either too expensive or not big enough for my head! This one is a great price and fits, so I'm going to be wearing this with everything. I put it on as soon as I got out of the shop!

6. WHITE HEXAGONAL SUNGLASSES - TOPSHOP (£18) - My mum and I fell in love with these! They're a bit crazy and admittedly are not to everyone's tastes, but I think they're going to look great with my new bikini on the beach. I feel slightly like I'm out of Charlie and the Chocolate factory in them, but we've all got to wear silly and fun things sometimes, haven't we?

Have you bought anything new for summer?
Elly xxx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


As you might have already noticed, I am obsessed with the monochrome trend at the moment (very summery, I know!) I saw this checkerboard print top in H&M a couple of weeks ago, and I love it because I feel that the print is a little bit different to usual monochrome patterns such as stripes. It's made of a lovely chiffon material, and has a really interesting jersey collar detailing which I feel picks up on the sports luxe trend slightly, a trend that I will admit I have found it difficult to get into. I've paired it here with a black pencil skirt and my beloved holographic court shoes from Forever 21, but this top can be dressed down really easily as well with a pair of high waisted jeans or a skater skirt.

What's your favourite recent purchase?
Elly xxx

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


1. Motel Fonda Halter Crop in Green Palm Leaf (£18) & Motel Kimmy Mini Tube Skirt in Green Palm Leaf (£22)  - I am completely obsessed with the "matchy matchy" trend right now, and have recently been looking for some sets. Coincidentally, I have also been looking for a palm leaf print skirt for a while, so this set from Motel is perfect! Although you might say the print is somewhat controversial, I think it's great as I love bold prints and I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe. I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear the whole set together, but I love the skirt on its own, and think it would look just as good with a simple black crop top.

2. New Look White Floral Racer Back Crop Top (£4 [now out of stock]) & New Look White Floral Skater Skirt (£16.99) - I think this set would be a lot easier to wear than the set from Motel Rocks, as the print is a lot less in your face and the cut (skater rather than bodycon) is much more wearable in the daytime.  I think this is so cute, and both pieces would look equally as nice worn alone or together. I'm gutted the top is sold out as I thought it would look great with high waisted jeans, shorts and skirts!

3. Dr Martens Oil Slick Lex Shoes - I can't find these for sale anywhere, so I'm guessing they were limited edition back in around 2011. However, I'm on the hunt for some dupes as I think they fit in perfectly with the holographic trend which I adore so much. I think they'd go with pretty much everything and add another dimension to a plain outfit, I need some!

4. Topshop Cream Textured Scallop Swimsuit (£36) - I'm planning on getting this in the next few weeks before I go on holiday. I absolutely detest bikinis with a passion and so have always been a swimsuit girl, and I just think this one is so cute. The white and navy blocks almost give the appearance of a high waisted bikini which I really like, and I think the scallop detailing around the bust is adorable and with the halterneck tie is almost 50s inspired. The white will look great with a tan!

5. American Apparel Lace Cycle Shorts (£26) - These look slightly odd on their own, and are a bit of a love/hate piece in themselves, but I think they would look super cute under dresses, skirts and even shorts in the summer. I don't know about you, but I'm always really paranoid that my skirts are going to blow up when I'm not wearing tights, so I think these are a stylish solution to that age-old problem!

6.Ray Ban Sunglasses  (£89.99) - RayBan are my favourite glasses brand ever. I've had two pairs of these glasses that I've worn as my actual every day glasses to correct my sight, and they have lasted me so well, as well as being incredibly on trend. I love the "John Lennon inspired" round glasses that have been around for the past couple of summers, and this pair are RayBan's more subtle answer to them. There are so many awesome and wacky pairs of sunglasses on the  market at the moment, and I have been tempted by some of them, but ultimately I want something wearable. I've seen these on Rhiannon (FashionRocksMySocks), and I feel that although they are quite statement, they are subtle enough to get away with on a day to day basis without feeling self concious.

What have you been loving recently?
Elly xxx

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Sunday, 30 June 2013


The Liebster Award is a tag created by bloggers with under 200 followers in order to help us to connect with other up and coming bloggers. Each nominee must answer the 11 questions left by the blogger who tagged them, as well as creating their own 11 questions and tagging 11 bloggers themselves. I was tagged by the lovely Kirsty from The Pixie's Picks to answer her 11 questions.

1. Most worn item of clothing?

 This was actually quite a difficult one for me, as I have so many clothes I don't tend to just stick to a couple of pieces - I like to switch up my outfits every day (the irony, I'm actually still in yesterday's clothes today -yuck!). However, I soon realised that I wear my faux leather jacket from Miss Selfridge way more than any other item in my wardrobe, as it goes with just about everything and is perfect for the English weather.

2. Favourite magazine?

It probably won't come as a surprise to you, considering my recent venture into London, that Company magazine is my favourite. I love everything about Company, even down to the paper they use (you'll understand if you've ever held a copy!) I also love how they make an effort to really include bloggers in their publication, and I definitely feel it's the most accessible of all the fashion magazines.

3. Designer or High street?

High street - I couldn't afford designer clothes even if I wanted to! Still, I find the way in which catwalk trends are transformed into wearable pieces for the high street so fascinating, and it's always exciting hunting through all the shops/on the internet for my most wanted pieces.

4. Favourite band/singer?

Florence and the Machine have been my favourite band for the past few years. Florence Welch's lyrics and vocals are just unbelievable, and she's such a style icon as well. Her albums mean an awful, awful lot to me and I will never tire of the albums! My favourite song from her most recent album, Ceremonials, is "No, Light No, Light".

5. Where would you love to live?

Anywhere that's in the pretty secluded with a beach and easy access to a Topshop, if that can be arranged please?

6. Favourite beauty product?

I couldn't pick just one, so I decided to go with the two products I have just recently repurchased. First up is L'Oreal's Superliner Perfect Slim in Intense Black, which I use most days. It's a felt tip eyeliner, and because it's so slim it is great for creating flicks (which I'm still no good at!). It stays on all day and the colour is true to its name. Secondly, I picked Kate Moss for Rimmel London's lipstick in shade 01. I lost my first one of these out clubbing recently, and couldn't even last a week without it! I love red lipsticks, and out of all the ones I have tried, it's the only one with a colour I really like. 

7. Celebrity Style Icon?

I don't tend to follow celebrity style, however I do always love what Alexa Chung is wearing. She has such an effortless style, as if she's just thrown together her outfit, but yet she always looks perfect. 

8. Favourite blogger?

I have so many favourite bloggers! This is so hard, but as I've already mentioned my favourite blogger to be Rhiannon Ashlee (FashionRocksMySocks) in a previous post, I'd better stick to that decision! I've watched her videos and read her posts for years now, and  her blog posts and videos never fail to keep me entertained. I love her style so much and she's just such a lovely girl.

9. Dream job?

I would love to do so many different things! However, whilst I was visiting the Harry Potter Studios Tour last summer I was struck by the idea of prop design, namely the newspapers, books and other more intricate parts of the set such as the Marauder's Map. I just love graphic design and art and I think creating things like that for films would be perfect for me, especially seeing as I love performing.

10. Favourite film?

This was so difficult for me as I have such an extensive taste in films. However, I think most people you'd ask would say that Titanic is my favourite film as I know pretty much the whole script off by heart, spend half my life singing "My Heart Will Go On" and am totally in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. It's just such an amazing story.  I also have a huge obsession with Lord of the Rings which is also worth mentioning, as I can quote all three films pretty well and spend a lot of time listening to the soundtrack. My life is so hardcore.

11. How did you start blogging?

I've been watching Howto & Style videos on Youtube for a long time, and I noticed that some of my favourite Youtubers had blogs. Sharing outfits and ideas seemed like great fun to me, and combining both my love of photography, fashion and writing made it seem like the perfect hobby. It's a great way of getting inspiration and connecting with other people, and I'm determined to stick to it and see where it make take me!

My Questions
1. Do you have a piece of clothing/pair of shoes that turns heads?
2. Describe a fashion "faux pas" that you have made in the past.
3. If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
4. What is your favourite high street shop/brand?
4. What would be your dream holiday destination?
5. Recommend us a book!
6. What is your guilty pleasure?
7. If you could be any character (book/film) in the world, who would you be?
8. Which item of clothing makes you feel good about yourself?
9. What is your favourite song?
10. What is at the top of your wishlist right now?
11. What is your ultimate dream?

I tag:
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Hope you enjoy it! xxx

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